Addis Museum “Bank of Addis”

Marker NameAddis Museum Bank of Addis Road Marker

Addis Museum “Bank of Addis”

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7857 Ray Rivet Street
Addis, LA 70710

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Chartered in 1919, the Bank of Addis was constructed the following year on land purchased from Bank of Addis BuildingWilliam Gassie, Jr., one of the original bank shareholders. In 1925 the Bank became a branch of the Port Allen Bank and Trust Company. Following the Stock Market Crash of 1929, the Addis branch closed it’s operation in 1930. The building remained vacant until 1936 when Joseph Doc Hebert purchased it and leased it for the Addis Post Office. In 1956 William C. Guidry, Jr. purchased the building and used it as a grocery and Post Office until 1981. The town of Addis purchased the building in 1984 as a community museum. in 1992 The Bank Of Addis building was recognized as the last surviving building of the Addis historic commercial district and was placed on the National Register of Historic Places.