Sec. 111-77. - Rezoning guidelines and criteria.

Before the commission recommends or the parish council rezones property, there should be reasonable factual proof by the proponent of a change that one or more of the following criteria are met:   

1) Land use pattern or character has changed to the extent that the existing zoning no longer allows reasonable use of the proponent's property and adjacent property. Reasonable is defined as:                               

  •   Land use the same as, or similar to that existing on properties next to, or across the street from the site under consideration.   
  •   Consideration of unique or unusual physical environmental limitations due to size, shape, topography or related hazards or deficiencies.
  •   Consideration of changes in land value, physical environment or economic aspects which tend to limit the usefulness of vacant land or buildings.                                 

2) The proposed zoning change, and the potential of resulting land use change, will comply with the general public interest and welfare and will not create:                                   

  •  Undue congestion of streets and traffic access.                  
  •  Overcrowding of land or overburden public facilities such as transportation, sewerage, drainage, schools, parks, and other public facilities.                       
  • Land or building usage which is, or may become incompatible with existing character or usage of the neighborhood.                      
  •  An oversupply of types of land use or zoning in proportion to population, land use and public facilities in the neighborhood.                                

3) As far as possible, the zoning administrator should base rezoning analyses on these   criteria. The planning and zoning commission, in its recommendations to the parish council, may state its concurrence with, or rejection of, proponents' offers of proof at public hearings and may state, in its motion of recommendation to the parish council, its position in relation to proponents' statements and the zoning administrator's analyses shall be forwarded to the parish council along with the planning and zoning commission's recommendations.          

Rezoning Application