What happens when you dial 911?

Your call goes directly to the Public Safety Agency in your area. Communications Center personnel are especially trained to get fast, accurate, and complete information from callers, who are injured, distraught or in shock, from children, the elderly, the hearing impaired. Even if you do not say a word- because of trauma, injury, or physical danger- all this information is electronically available instantly to the operator receiving your call. At that moment, the dispatcher sends a unit while you are still on the line with the operator, so do not hang up. The center also has teletypewriter (TTY) capability for deaf citizens. 

Information 911 Operator Receives

The 911 operator taking your call immediately sees on a computer screen:

  • The address from which you are calling
  • The ambulance service
  • The closet fire station
  • The nearest police location
  • Your phone number

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