Consumer Confidence Reports

Report Overview

The Consumer Confidence Rule requires public water suppliers that serve the same people year round (community water systems) to provide Consumer Confidence Reports (CCR) to their customers. These reports are also known as annual water quality reports or drinking water quality reports. The remaining public water systems in the U.S. are not required to provide CCRs, because they do not serve the same people on a day-to-day basis throughout the year.

The CCR summarizes information regarding sources used (i.e, rivers, lakes, reservoirs, or aquifers) any detected contaminants, compliance and educational information. The reports are due to customers by July 1st of each year.

Fundamental Information

While water systems are free to enhance their reports in any useful way, each report must provide consumers with the following fundamental information about their drinking water:

  • Brief summary of the susceptibility to contamination of the local drinking water source, based on the source water assessments by states
  • Educational information on nitrate, arsenic, or lead in areas where these contaminants may be a concern
  • Educational statement for vulnerable populations about avoiding Cryptosporidium
  • How to get a copy of the water system's complete source water assessment
  • The lake, river, aquifer, or other source of the drinking water
  • Level (or range of levels) of any contaminant found in local drinking water, as well as EPA's health-based standard (maximum contaminant level) for comparison
  • Likely sources of that contaminant in the local drinking water supply
  • Phone numbers of additional sources of information, including the water system and Environmental Protection Agency's Safe Drinking Water phone number is 800-426-4791).
  • Potential health effects of any contaminant detected in violation of an Environmental Protection Agency health standard, and an accounting of the system's actions to restore safe drinking water
  • Water system's compliance with other drinking water-related rules

Act 98 of the 2021 legislative session required the Louisiana Department of Health to establish an accountability process for community water systems. As a result, each water system has been assigned a letter grade based on a set of criteria. Listed below are the letter grades for the 4 water systems serving WBR Parish:

  • WBR Public Utilities PWSID: LA1121008 – Grade: A
  • WBR Water Works District 2 PWSID: LA1121018 – Grade B
  • WBR District 4 Arbroth PWSID: LA1121026 – Grade A
  • WBR District 4 Section Road / Winterville PWSID: LA1121027 – Grade A