Inspections Required


  • 1st Preliminary Inspection: Form elevation inspection and temp pole inspection- call when ready
  • 2nd Plumbing Rough In: Open ditch inspection
  • 3rd Form Inspection: Footings/foundation, pre-slab inspection, (note: you must have this inspection complete before pouring the slab. If using a post-tension slab, we must have 90% compaction test results in writing for the fill is 18 inches or greater and a copy of the post-tension plans) as required by the IRC 2006, Section R403.1.4. Minimum depth: all exterior footing shall be placed at least 12 inches below the undisturbed ground surface. Also, all property markers (boundaries) must be identified and set with nylon string - inspection will be rejected without these procedures in place.
  • 4th Framing Inspection: Includes plywood on roof and exterior walls, windows installed and taped, brick ties in place, prior to installation of roof and bricks, hardy plank, fascia, etc.
  • 5th Duct Blast Test Results from a certified tester.
  • 6th P/E/M: Inspection plumbing / electrical / mechanical - (top-out) after wiring is complete and prior to covering interior structural members with sheetrock, paneling, insulation, etc
  • 7th Final Inspection: Appliances installed, final sewer inspection received and ready for permanent power (move - in ready)
  • Call the West Baton Rouge Office of Community Planning and Development (OCPD) at 225-336-2434 to schedule inspections. Please allow at least a 24 hour notice for all inspection requests.

Electrical Connections

  • Temporary Connection for Construction: approval of temporary electric connection is emailed to Entergy or Pointe Coupee Electric after inspection.
  • Permanent Connection: approval of permanent is issued upon receipt of final inspection approval, final sewer approval and post construction elevation certificate (if property is located in a Flood Zone A)

Minimum Floor Elevations

  • Chapter 103 (3): the minimum floor elevation on building adjacent to built-up highways/roads be set twenty-four inches above the average elevation of surrounding land within three hundred feet of the building itself.
  • Chapter 103 (3): new construction or substantial improvements of any residential structure shall have the lowest floor, including the basement, elevated to or above the base flood elevation or one foot above the adjacent roadway, whichever elevation is higher.

Lot Size Requirements

The lot size minimum requirement is determined by the zoning district that the property lies in. The OCPD staff can assist you in determining the requirement for your property and /or refer to Municode or the Resources page.

Building Setback Requirements

Location of structure(s) and distances from property lines (placement setbacks) shall adhere to parish ordinance. (Servitude's must be recognized when determining setbacks)